Undoing powerlinks...

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any tips? I've tried the obvious of just pushing the links together but to no avail..
Many Thanks


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    I fitted my first powerlink equipped chain the other week, and cocked up massively when I realised I hadn't threaded it inside the little tab outside the derailleur's lower jockey wheel.

    Took a good fifteen minutes of grunting and swearing before I managed to get the bugger undone again. The trick seems to be to squeeze the outer plates together while simultaneous pushing the links together, which is easier said than done if like me you're unfortunate enough to have been born with only one pair of hands.

    I'm sure practise helps, but I struggle to think of a less appealing way to spend my time.
  • i'll try that, but i think as my massive, powerful legs will have tightened the links up as i hurtle along :wink: .... or something like that.
    I shall test it tonight and ignore my girlfriend, Thanks!
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    KMC chain link pliers should help to make a sometimes fiddly job easier - I always find a little bit of sideways force makes it easier.
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    If you've got a good pair of needlenosed pliers you can squeeze the link diagonally which is the sort of action you need to undo them.

    Think squeeze across the chain then try to undo it.
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    Hope I'm not stating the bl**ng obvious, but it is important to take all the tension out of the chain caused by the jockey wheel spring. I just hook an old luggage elastic into the cage and the other end onto the front forks. This gives plenty of slack and though I have the dedicated Park toll for the job, it is not usually needed.
  • I've found it easier once the tension is out of the chain to actually hold the links either side of the powerlink and push my two hands together, rather than actually holding the powerlink itself.

    There is a knack to it and after a while you get used to it, just keep perservering.
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    The KMC links are bugger to undue if there's grit/dirt between the plates - flush the quick link out with a bit of WD40 or whitespirit and should open a lot easier.
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    What make is it? SRAM do a powerlock which need a link extractor to remove and can't be re-used.
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    Just buy the Park pliers, cost £10 and you'll always have them
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    I had the same problem. Asked on the forum after getting really frustrated with the task and got just the right answer. Use a piece of wire coathanger (or other piece of stout wire) long enough to span a couple of links either side of the powerlink and make a bend in the wire at each end. Hook each end round the furthest links either side of the powerlink. This will take the tension out of the chain. Now just press either side of the powerlink together and it should come apart easy now. Good look.
  • Thanks for the help guys - its an SRAM chain so e999sam thanks! could have fooked it without that bit of knowledge!