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Tubeless tyres

Ben OrmshawBen Ormshaw Posts: 62
edited January 2009 in XC and Enduro
Can someone please explain thebenefits of going tubeless - i'm always getting punctures and am considering the change. Is it expensive - any complications? I have a 100mm trail bike - does this effect anything?
Thanks :D


  • There are two theories to going tubless, the elimination of punctures and the ability to ride lower tyre pressures due to the fact you have no inner tube hence no pinch flats. I use the Stans No Tubes set up (Olympic rims and milk) and it is without doubt worth it, the milk seals almost all punctures as you ride and I have only once had to stop whilst the milk set in the hole - this took about 5 mins as it was a deep thorn that had caused it.
    I can now run tyre pressure of sub 35lbs and again this makes a difference - the tyre deflates more causing better grip and less resistence. Its messy as hell and a pain in the censored to set up but once up and running its magic. Not sure what type you would use but I'm sure somebody will talk to you about he best tubeless system if you post what wheels/rims etc you currently ride.
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  • What carbonfiend said.

    I had tubeless ready wheels, so it was pretty easy for me. Had problems initially. I used sealant that has bits in (Bontrager Super Juice) and got a puncture that wouldn't seal. Swapped for latex sealant, JRA Wheel Milk. Sealed the puncture and haven't had one since.

    Once you have it set up its pretty easy to maintain, just top up with sealant every couple of months and (if you can be bothered or you really count the grams) clean out the tyres from the dried out sealant. If you do convert make sure you get the valves that the core comes out of, otherwise you have to partially take the tyre off to put the sealant in.
  • I've got Halo Choir Master 2.35s with the bog standard Botranger rims that came with my bike. I could easily save up and swap these although would rather look for other alternatives as a decent set of wheels these days are at leasst £300+. Thanks for the help.
    just one last hing though - do you have to get special tyres? There is a lot of talk about these UST tyres in MBUK - are these made for tubeless?

    Cheers :D
  • check out these people - they will answer everything you need to know, tyres set up etc etc the site has a whole list of Q&A's
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