It's C2W time, help me spend £1K

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  • ShaunL
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    Both look nice, I guess it's down to weight and how they feel to you.

    Both the reviews look good and nice to have something different from the crowd.
  • robmanic1
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    The Dolan looks sweet, understated but classy-looking. The Viner looks a little more "blingy" to me.

    Both look cool though, can you get a test ride on them?
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  • cougie
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    Yeah deffo go for a test ride - that will tell you much more than the opinions we have here.
  • Unfortunately I cant get a ride on either of them, local halfrauds dont have a Viner in and Dolan will only supply to buyers, not tyre kickers.

    They both look sweet and the groupsets are both pretty high quality. Guess it's down to do I want bling or not?

  • Garry H
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    A friend bought the Dolan in last last year's C2W. He phoned them up and said they were incredibly helpful with advice relating to size, fit suitability etc. Have you discussed it with them>
  • Slow Downcp
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    It also depends whether you want Campag or Shimano - but I'd go for the Viner.
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  • a friend has the dolan and he only says good things about it!

    defo go for the dolan.
  • BMX Bear
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    Both look very nice, Viner looks bling!
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  • bigmat
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    I just picked up a Gladius. Nice bike, the frame looks pretty classy and the kit is all good stuff. Carbon rear mech / shifters as well which was a nice surprise. Weighed in at 8.8kg, I've changed the wheels, fork and saddle and its now down to 7.7kg (8kg with pedals) so potential for a pretty lightweight bike. Mine is a size large - I originally got an X large which was a bit too big and Halfords replaced it within a week, very good service.

    I passed a Dolan on Sunday and the frame actually looked very similar, so I guess one of the key things could be whether you want to go Shimano or Campag. I'm loving the fact that but for the headset, everything on the bike is Italian.
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    Do Italian Solutions take the voucher from or is there no difference in all these schemes?
    Cheers, Stu
  • Elganesh
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    Some companies don't accept Cyclescheme vouchers and ask you to sign up for their version e.g. Evans.

    Boardman does a great bike for just under £1000 which has had good reviews. Of course you will have to deal with Halfords and they might not accept Cyclescheme vouchers either
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  • I would say Dolan. Looks nicer IMO especially for the long term, it will not date looks wise as much. Also looks less racey!