Rim replacement and Mavic A719 rim

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Am just about to replace the rather worn out Sun CR18 rim and bought the Mavic rim to replace it. However, the spoke holes on the Mavic are not central to the rim, alternately offset. Not having had a rim like this before, where should I start? Should I replace the spokes on the basis of a longer spoke length, ie lace to the further hole, or for the shorter distance?

I did try googling for a pic of this rim laced to a wheel, but no luck.



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    The holes offset to the right should be laced to the right side of the hub and similarly for the left side. Have a look at the DT Swiss website for a spoke length calculator. The A719 rim is definitely there and there are a lot of hubs so there's a good chance your hub will be there.

    Also recommend you look at the Sheldon Brown page on wheel building
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