Fizik Aliante Carbon - rider weight limit?

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On a really icy ride recently, both the rails on my Fizik Aliante Carbon snapped about 2mm in front of the alu clamp area.

I didn't notice any weight limit when I installed it about 13 months ago (but it is 06 model). I've probably averaged 88Kg or 14 and a bit stone over the last year and used this saddle for about half of my 7000 miles in the year.

Anyone have similar problems?

I'm not too unhappy as it gave me an excuse to get a Brooks Swallow Titanium, about 150gm heavier but soooo comfy after the Fizik for me.


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    A mate of mine broke his in a major shunt. It was approx. 3 years old and they still gave him a brand new replacement free of charge when he sent it back for repair.
  • Your weight is not such that a saddle should struggle to cope with. I would claim my money back
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