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what should i be looking for

simon99simon99 Posts: 6
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Hi guys, im new to the forum,
looking to take up road biking soon, i am a student at university and hence money will always limit my choice.
Basically i want a bike that i can use at uni with the potential to start racing with, i..e not to expensive so that if i dont end up racing with it i dont lose out on a huge amount, but needs to be half decent incase i do!, im guessing an entry level road bike?
obviously if take it up seriously in the future i will spend more on a new bike, but just want to know what you more experienced guys think is the bear minimum i should be looking for in a road bike, such as max weight, wheels, gears etc

a few bikes ive looked at have been

dawes giros 200
barracuda cipressa
corsa optima



  • if there is a topic similar to this then please post the link so as to save someone replying to the same thing again! but i cant find one at the minute
  • Hi simon i was in the same boat as you a couple of months ago but then i read i started seeing reviews on the Boardman comp and sure if you have a look at yourself you wiil see what value for money you get and an all round good bike the. But i just wasn't to keen on buying it from halfords after the reports i had heard were dreadful but i still went ahead and bought one from the Bury store in Gr Manchester and i would just like to say how much of a great servive they offered there is a man there called Lee and he is the most helpful and genuine guy you could wish for but at the ed of the Simon go for what ever your budget can afford and what you think will suit you best.
    If I only scrape a livin, at least it's living worth sraping for
  • Another vote for the Boardman. With the discounts on the 08 models at the moment, they are an absolute steal! You can now get a BoardmanTeam for less than the original RRP of the Comp!

    (If you can find a store with them in stock that is!)

    ......Ah, just googled the bikes you're looking at, and I see your potential budget is a bit short of a Boardman.

    Have a look at these:

    The BeOne bikes and the B'Twin bikes both get good reviews and recommendations from owners.
    Boardman Road Comp '08
    Spesh FSR XC Expert '08
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