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661 Kyle Straight vs Veggie knee

turnercraigturnercraig Posts: 537
edited January 2009 in MTB buying advice
I am looking to get some knee pads for trail centre use.

I want them to be comfortable and as light as possible, so I ordered some 661 Veggie knee pads in medium. I am happy with the level of protection and build quality but I havn't used them yet because they are way too tight, my mate has them in large and they fit much better but aren't as comfortable as I was hoping.

I am thinking of sending them back and getting the large size but have seen loads of reviews saying how comfy the Kyle Straights are.

Has anyone tried the Veggie knee pads and the Kyle straights? If so which is the most comfortable and are the sizes the same?


  • NoclueNoclue Posts: 503
    The fit is near enough the same, i have both in XL although i think the kyle straits do fit a bit better, that said for trail riding i think that the veggie knee is all you need really, i only brought the kyle straits as i had an injury and even a slight knock would leave me rolling around on the floor for hours, so i wanted maximum protection, also i don't think i could wear the kyle straits around a trail centre in the summer it would just be to hot.
  • justjamjustjam Posts: 97
    kyle straits have more protection on the sides for frame knock..
    i have a set of kyle straits and cant fault them..had a few off's and never had any bother.
    they were tight to start with but as they get used they will slacken off..
    i have veggie elbow pads but they not as good as the straits .
    have heard veggie pads slide off alot.
  • Steve_b77Steve_b77 Posts: 1,680
    Kyle Straits are alot better IMHO, I've got both and don;t use the Veggie's now
  • I'm not sure what to do now.

    The mediums that I have are pretty tight, the hole at the back to let the pads bend pinches my skin, the large ones I have tried are a lot looser, probably too loose, I might be a size in between! Will they slacken off a lot with use? If they do I might keep the mediums or get some medium Kyle Straights.
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    They're fairly adjustable... But I think that's not really all that useful, for me the Kyle Straits in medium fit perfectly, I barely need to use teh straps to keep them in place, but if they didn't fit well I think trying to hold them in place with the straps could be awkward.

    I could see some point to using the veggies if the straits were obtrusive or irritating, but if they fit right they're no more annoying than wearing shorts, so you get extra protection without a downside- more padding, and the side knock protection, which you shouldn't underestimate since blows to the side of the knee can instantly end your days' ride (though not often permanent damage). But for me pads are only partly about preventing proper injuries, they're also about preventing the trivial ones that just spoil your day, and side protection's great for that.
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  • Do they (Veggies or Kyle Straights) slacken off a lot with use?

    If they I might get away with a medium after breaking them in.
  • I love my kyle Straits. They are so comfy and can even be worn underneath jeans. Haven't worn them in the summer yet but on cold rides they keep my legs nice and toasty.
  • Ok, thanks.

    Do they slacken off with use? Have tried the medium and large veggies and the mediums are tight but the large ones are a bit too loose.
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Couldn't tell you, mine haven't but they havent't seen that much use yet, sorry...
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  • maximus69maximus69 Posts: 347
    mine have given in a little bit but not much. they've got a bit more comfy/softer.

    if your saying the large are a bit loose i would go for the medium.

    i forgot to do the straps up on sunday(dont know why!!) and they slipped down a little bit.

    mine are tight but were never uncomfortably tight.

    how loose are they?
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  • maximus69maximus69 Posts: 347
    sorry i was talking about straits if you werent!!
    so this probably doesnt help.

    why did i read your post after i posted? its been a long day :cry:
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  • Love my Kyle Straights!
    I always forget I have them on - until I fell hard sideways on Sunday - took a big knock on my knee - no problem! My hip is another matter......
    Also find that they keep my legs warm - I've been wearing 3/4 shorts (no tights) + Straights and I've been fine all winter so far! :lol:
  • marikamarika Posts: 392
    i find they rub on your knee's and start taking the skin off,i think this is because they have given a bit now
  • Thanks for all your help guys, think I will go for the Straits in medium and try stretch them a bit!

    Looking at the sizing charts the Straits in medium are actually bigger than the medium veggies so that should help.
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