Routes and Access around Mulgrave Woods & Castle near Wh

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Has anyboy any information or have knowledge of possible cycling routes in Mulgrave Woods near Whitby? the OS Map shows various tracks but nothing to suggest these are public paths and or 'open access' land. cheers, chris.


  • dave_hill
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    You've answered your own question - as there are no public rights of way marked, you have no right in law to cycle there.
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  • These guys have a lot of routes up around there, maybe they can help.

    Post and ask them :wink:
  • betski
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    After some investigation...the woods are home to the Marquis of Normanby, open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday to the public except May when closed.

    I can't see the Marquis happy to accommodate a load of cyclists ripping up his tracks but i'll let you know otherwise.