Suffolk Dirt Jumpers (Ipswich area)

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Maaarnin all...

Well I just thought i'd drop in and say hi de hi! I know there are a few spots in the area to hit but most look to be a bit run down at the minute....Ive resorted to hitting the local bmx track and sessioning the jumps there!!!

Does anyone ride in the area know where there are still rideable jumps!?!??!

Anyones input would be appreciated and if there are any riders out there who dont mind having an extra one tagging along with their group give me a shout as jumping on your tod does get a bit lonely!!!!


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    Hello mate.
    Not Suffolk, but only about 45mins up the A12, Danbury Common. Ever been or heard of it? Only found it the other day. Not really a jump park, more a few down hill trails and drop offs but if ya bord it makes a change!
  • Cheers mcflyss....

    ....No never heard of it or been but think i will give it a visit as although i like dirt sets hitting some good drops and singletrack is definately worth a look.

    I will have to load the bike up and check it out!! Hope its not too boggy there atm as thats the only problems with the trails around here atm is that they are just so water logged.
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    Hello mate,
    Was there the other day, not too muddy, just the right amount of mud if you know what I mean!!

    If heading N/B on the A12, take the first exit you see after the Royal Mail building on your right hand side. Then just follow the road until you come to a car park on your left hand side.. you will know you have the right one as there is a big rock with an honesty box in it to pay for parking. then follow the track that leads into the woods, you want the one that kinda runs to the right, there are others that just lead you up to the road, no good... head to your right, you will see a few small hills and then you cross the bridle path for some massive mansion.. keep going and you come to the big hills!!! All the fuin starts here!
    Let me know what ya think, could always meet you there one day?
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    Are you into ths?


    This is near Ipswich
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    Where about is that? I know of some where like that near woodbridge?
    I would like to say yes but have never tried!! Dont think I have the skills yet!!
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    Yeah it's near Woodbridge
    Dont think I have the skills yet!!

    I don't either, but it's a great place, I only do the little ones, but I like playing there even if I am shit at it

    Only one way to learn :wink:
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    On your right hand side if heading north along the A12? i know the one. I run a RC club a little further north so have seen it a few times, never stopped though.

    Only one way to learn! indeed dude!!!! lets hit em lol
  • plork123plork123 Posts: 112

    You'll have to stop next time and have a go
  • Plork can you please give a detailed description or pm me with details of where these are as i am very keen to hit them as they look awesome!!!!

    If your ever about let me know as i'll meet you down there!!! Those trails look awesome!!!!

    How are the locals there?! are they cool?! Are they mostly BMX or mtb'rs???

    :shock: :shock: :shock:
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  • Thanks for the pm Plork.....

    Will be heading down to investigate them today!!! 8)

    Will try and get a pic or too!!! 8)
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  • HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLY £$% :shock: £$% :twisted: ^% :shock: $& :twisted: ^!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Went down those trails today and they are mentally cool!!! :shock:

    Strugled to get back into in on one of the sections but the double that leads into the table are cool to warm up on and then there is a long downhill set right inbetween two trees which flow into a double! It was awesome!!! Really floaty!

    I met some awesome riders down there too. I can tell you now it wont be my last trip down there!! Was the first time i've hit trails in about 7 years and boy i dont know why i stopped!!! Need to look at my bike set up now as i can tell it wasnt 110% perfect!

    Still buzzing!!! hahaaaa....

    Anyone else hit these trails before?!?
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  • mcflyssmcflyss Posts: 257
    I might have to head up there soon, and get face planted into the mud im sure` Wud like to see how it is done though so maybe i cud come when you are tehre Matt??

    Here are a couple of shots from Danbury, they do not do it justice at all and it is not as mental as the woodbridge site, but it is a nice Big area with sum good drop offs and a couple of trails about 30s in length, good day out really.



  • Good pics there matey!!!

    Yeah if you ever head down there let me know as i'll head down for a session! 8)

    Might have to check out danbury too looks like a giggle!!!

    Anyone use the jumps behind martlesham tesco?!? I use to ride there a while ago and doesnt look like they are that well maintained?! Will prob head down there with a spade tomorrow to do some DIY if anyones in the area and wana hit some trails!?
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  • mcflyssmcflyss Posts: 257
    Where behind tesco? I lived there for 24yrs! (martlesham, not tesco!!( Never new such a place existed.
  • I'll pm you matey!!! 8)
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  • plork123plork123 Posts: 112
    Matt, glad you liked the jumps.

    Might see you there one weekend :)
  • mcflyssmcflyss Posts: 257
    PM'ed ya back dude!!

    When do you lot normally go up there? I will have to try and make me way up and see what skills you all got!!
  • Yeah plork def got to get down there as there are some really cool sets to hit there and will prob roll down there next sat if its dry if your about?!

    We should def get a good group of ppl to head up there for a giggle!!!! 8)
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  • mcflyssmcflyss Posts: 257
    hey! include me! although actually i cant make this sat, have me daughter... weekends are limited with me, weekdays much better but normal peeps are working then!
  • Of course your included matey!!!! When i meant group i meant as many people as we can get together!!!


    I work all week so weekends are only time i have to play! lol.....

    Could take a day off and hit them if you fancy it???

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    - "Old bikers dont die, we juet get tired" -
  • place near the A12 looks really good.

    i am based in colchester but without a car so if the trains are sorted how would it be to ride from woodbridge station?

    what are the jumps like in terms of mtb/bmx. hardtail or big full sus rig?

    Is the hippo for scuba?
  • plork123plork123 Posts: 112
    Woodbridge station to the jump site is approx 6 miles
  • Hi,

    Was wondering if anyone could let me know where to find the Woodbridge Jumps? I've been out of the biking world for a few years but feel the need to get back.

  • mcflyssmcflyss Posts: 257
    hello mate, do u know where the community centre is in martlesham? near tesco.
    Well op there car park is a small dirt car park, enter that, go through gate and there a small path to your right lending into the words, the jumps are all there buddy.
    When will you be heading up there?
  • Nice one, yep know all that, I live on the other side of Ipswich from there. Was thinking about going over after lunch, just spent the morning on my Triumph, the afternoon on the Kona would round the day off nicely. Thanks.
  • mcflyssmcflyss Posts: 257
    You will have to let me know next time, ATM im livnig a 5 min bike ride away... i cant jump for Toffee but am eager to learn!!
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    i live relatively close to ipswich, i have been riding trials for a few months though i would rather get into jumping/freeride. i've ordered a jump bike which should arrive within a couple of weeks it'd be nice if i could tag-a-long with some of you guys to some jumps? i'm not sure how to get there though, it'd have to be by train as i'm only 16 and my parents can't fit bikes in there cars. :)
  • hi
    there are some jumps down at sudbourne some realy good jumpers there at weekends
    got my new rockhopper comp get in
  • PaulkingkPaulkingk Posts: 689
    Hi where are the woodbridge jumps im a bit of a newbie would love to have ago there its a bit closer than chicksands
  • hi, i am just looking for some local dirtjumps which are woth visiting, i no there are some in sudbourne and some in dedham, but thats all that i no of, is there any small but good places localy?
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