Spare allen bolts

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Does anyone know the best place to get hold of some spare bolts for my bike, a couple seem to be wearing out on the head and I thought it would be good to have a selection of spare ones in different sizes. I phoned a couple of places without any joy.

Thanks in advance


  • Slow Downcp
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    Any hardware shop should have a selection. Or try your LBS for things like bottle cage bolts etc.
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  • I've used these people before, you can order any quantity.
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    This guy is pretty good, and is very cheap, but not as felxible on quantities.
  • cpeachey
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    I have used these to buy 100 at a go.
  • Screwfix sell stainless steel bolts in a range of sizes. They even do some suitable for SPD cleats, though I'm not sure (without lookink) if the latter are only available in BZP finish.

    Whatever, they are cheap
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  • MartinJ
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    I have used:


    Both were very good with very quick delivery.
  • dennisn
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    A lot of the reason for allen wrench bolt heads wearing out is that the allen wrenches themselves are starting to wear out and become slightly rounded. This can round out the actual bolt head. Examine all of your wrenches, and other tools for that matter, for excessive wear and replace as required. Even tools wear out.

    Dennis Noward
  • Monty Dog
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    Stagonset are cheap and do small quantities - I also agree with Dennis - get yourself a decent set of Allen keys / bits with hardened heads - they are more accurate / fit better and less likely to round the heads on screws.
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  • Can recommend Stagonset, have used them a couple of times.

    Good price and good service.