Shoes \ Socks for Bad Feet & hot feet

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I have a problem, in that my feet (ok right foot) goes numb when cycling - and both my feet get hot at night - I have been to the GP who has said it is something to do with the smaller blood vessels in foot - and there isn't an awful lot that can be done.

I have tried orthotics with some improvement to the numbness and had a professional cleat alignment - I am guessing now that the best I can hope for is to manage this process- so does anybody have any ideas re:-

Good shoes for my condition - (Im thinking wide fitting)

Cotton cycling socks

Cotton socks for everyday use

and any creams/lotions etc - that can help me manage the above.


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    Sorry, not much help, other than to say cotton is a bad fabric as they retain the sweat and get soggy.
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    I had problems with numb, hot feet with a lot of pain on the balls of my feet. Tried custom orthotics, moving my cleats back on the shoes, nothing worked. Turns out my shoes were too narrow. Also started using some med to thick padded wool cycling socks. Very rarely do I have problems now.
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    Spesh BG shoes are quite wide fitting and have a range of insoles for different shaped feet. A good bike shop will help you with fitting and choosing the right ones. A crap bike shop will sell you something and get you out of the door as soon as they can get your money.

    I got rid of my hot-foot by using shoes with very stiff soles. If there's a bit of flex in the sole I'll get hot-foot after about 80km. Same bike, same pedals, same route but stiff soled shoes and I'm fine.

    Once you've got that sorted I don't think the choice of socks has much of an effect. FWIW I use DeFeet Air-E-Ator socks. Two pairs if it's cold.
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    I currently use specialised BG - But read a lot on here , of hot/numb foot with this shoe .........
    which stiff soled shoes did you go for ?
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    Merino wool socks are good, but you have to be careful not to shrink them in the wash :wink:
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