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dave friend
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just pumped up my tyres before heading out, and was checking over the rest of the bike before the rear inner exploded tearing part of the tyre and pretty much defening me for a few minutes.
the tyre was a bit worn and a new one was on the shopping list but i wouldn't have expected that as a result.

what happened??



  • cougie
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    Over inflation ? Weak inner tube ? Was it pinched on the tyre ?

    It happens from time to time - but luckily not very often. What PSI do you use ? I think 100 PSI is usually plenty.
  • mclarent
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    Are they the original ones that came with your bike? The inner tubes that came pre-installed on my bianchi were pretty sub-standard, going by the fact that both exploded in the same manner you describe...
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  • cakewalk
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    Slightly different situation (16" Wheel Dahon), same symptom Split wheel rim.
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  • ride_whenever
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    brakes rubbing on tyre?

    it does happen sometimes.
  • bill57
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    Tyres are pretty tough, tubes aren't. The couple of times this has happened to me, it's because the tyre has come away from the rim, allowing the tube instant expansion into free space. Absolutely sh*t myself.
  • Garry H
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    Are you sure the tyre wasn't torn already? This can cause the tube to "explode".
  • patchy
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    had this with my fixie the other day - i think it was overinflation. Resulted in a split rim also... still, the rebuilt wheel is sweet as :)
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  • Wappygixer
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    I've seen this with with new inner tubes and tyres many times.Even with a new tyre their is enough force to blow it apart.

    Most rims that go are probably the cause of the blowout anyway.Rims splits, tube get caught on sheared metal and blows.
    A good reason to check rim wear on a regular basis.
  • cougie
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    I agree - its not the innertube exploding and breaking the rim - more likely the rim has been worn by braking to dangerous thinness.

    Watch your tyre pressures (I know some tyres can take a higher max than the wheel rims) and check the rims for wear. Newer rims come with wear indicators.