Cateye Micro Wireless frozen screen

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Just had my Dad on the phone re a cateye computer I bought him for Christmas.

He has used Cateyes before, but this time seems to be stuck - he describes a frozen screen, with all characters showing. Not even the All Clear button or removing the battery will clear this up. He got as far as entering wheel size before thigns started to go wrong!

Obviously we will send it back if it is defo broke, but does anyone have any suggestions before we get to that point (internet purchase so not wuite so easy as nipping back to LBS) ?

Thanks so much,


  • bill57
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    I had the same problem with mine, it's caused by the All Clear (AC) button being pushed in too far, and not being able to pop back out again. I managed to get the button back out on mine, which cured it, but it kept on doing it. Alpine Bikes changed it without question, which I have to say they always do.
  • adeyboy
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    Thanks very much for that , very kind of you to reply.

    Just checked with Pops and you seem to be right! Excellent!
    I've told him to have a good old fiddle around but will see what HighOnBikes say and perhaps look to get it changed.

    Once again, I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
  • bill57
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    Glad to help, good luck.