gloves for small hands

torin Posts: 102
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looking for a new pair of gloves been to evans but all gloves had to long fingers
any one had the same problem and how did u solve it

also lucking for a road bike under £500 used or not
cant use sora or campag as i have small thumbs and cant reach the shifters need small size 48 or 50


  • torin
    torin Posts: 102
    sorry forgot to say that i even tried xsmall womens
  • sicknote
    sicknote Posts: 901
    For the bike you should have a look on ebay as that size does come up, plus they go for cheaper from what I have seen.

    Cant help with the gloves
  • prawny
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    I've got a similar problem big palms with stubby fingers, I picked up some Massi gloves from my lbs and they're good might be worth a look, best fit i've found so far.
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