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Can I change to full suss frame?

NickswolvesNickswolves Posts: 110
edited January 2009 in MTB buying advice
Just curious having read latest wmb issue to find out how easy or not it would be to convert my rockhopper into full suss by just changing frame and seat post? Prob being rather naive here as prob lots of other factors not considered like geometry etc but interested to find out please?


  • xtreemxtreem Posts: 2,965
    You'll probably need new longer chain and brake/gear cables, because the
    wheelbase is longer on fullsuspension bikes, I think.
  • Previously i've had a full sus and hardtail frame and just swapped the parts over- as long as the forks are the right travel for both frames there shouldn't be a problem- everything else should be fairly standard, but check the obvious stuff like making sure both frames have disc mounts if you're using disc brakes (worth checking that the rear brake hose is long enough)

    A cool idea is to get the same headset for both frames, and if you can afford it, set up both frames with gear shifters / cables and mechs and just swap over wheels (with rear cassette attached) brakes, cranks bars stem, saddle etc. Takes an hour or so and is fun.

    I say to have 2 sets of gears just because I find them more time consuming to swap over, especially if you have the cables going through the frame guides rather than running full gear cable which you can just cable tie to the frame!

    Probably some other things i've missed
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