Changing bars on a cross bike to women's ones.

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I own a tricross ( x-small men's bike) and want to change the bars cause the brake levers, despite having the little rubber blocks in them are a bit too much of a reach for my dainty girly lady fingers.
I want to put on these: ... s-ec008350
or these: ... r-ec017846

Questions are... will it make my handling any different (apart from the obvious being a bit easier to stop!)? Also what is the difference between the two bars i've just linked to? Apart from the price.
All help gratefully received,
Helen x


  • fatfreddy
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    I can't imagine that the handling will be any different. And I can't see any difference between those bars. My wife has the same ones on her Trek (Bonty VR OS). She finds them comfortable.

  • Mister W
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    It looks like the difference between the two bars is that one is oversize. That simply means that the middle section, where the stem clamps, is larger on the oversize one. I've no idea what the benefits of an oversize bar are but if you're keeping the same stem you'll need to replace like for like, so check what you've got at the moment.
  • bluecow
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    Ahh thats what OS means. Thank you! They both say 31.8mm clamp... (?)
    I'll take a look in the shop. Cheers :)
  • leedsmjh
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    Hi bluecow

    I had exactly the same issue with reach to the brakes using Easton EA30 handlebars and 105 levers even with the spacer shims.

    I swapped to Cinelli Little Wing handlebars and now have much much better reach - in fact I had to take out the spacer shims as the levers were too close. The handling is fine.

    Another bar with similar shape that come in OS are ITM Elle handlebars. I've got these as well and have no reach problems with them. Note I think the width given on the ITMs are from outside to outside of the bar at the bottom of the drops - they are narrower where the hoods go (as are the Cinelli's)
  • John.T
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    They appear to be the same bar. Bontrager only list one FIT bar so I think they must be.
    This is from Bontragers site. It just lists different sizes and colours. They are measured from centre to centre.