Removing platform with reflectors from SPDs?

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I just got some shimano XT pedals, and to my surprise they came with ugly plastic platforms clipped into one side. How do I get them off? I can't seem to just twist them off, even though I've set the tension to the lowest setting and attached to the crank for extra leverage - I'm reluctant to apply too much force for fear of damaging the axle or bearings. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a knack to it? There is no mention of them in the Shimano instruction sheet which came with them.




  • Slow Downcp
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    It is just a case of twisting them out - it does need quite a bit of pressure though, easier when attached to the bike.
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  • Barrie_G
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    Just twist it, it's plastic so it will break long before you do any damage to the pedal.

    Seriously, twist it that's how the pedal releases, it's just that when you twist with your foot it doesn't seem as though you are putting that much force into it but you're twisting with much larger muscles so the amount of effort seems less that's all.
  • Wappygixer
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    use a 3mm allen key to prise the spring back.
    This will alloy you to use them again as just pulling them off will damage them
  • Ian.B
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    OK, thanks, I've now got them off with brute force and a screwdriver to press against the spring!

    Thanks everyone, I was just a bit worried about being too brutal!