Patch repair

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If I were to cut a section of rubber, out of an old inner tube, could this be stuck onto a hole on a tube instead of using a proper patch.
I'd try it but I haven't got an old tube.....yet.


  • Monty Dog
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    No, or not very well - patches are coated with a compound which bonds to the adhesive applied to the tube. There are specialist rubber adhesives available which might do the job - but for the sake of a 10p patch do you really want to risk a long walk home?
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  • Hugh A
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    The tapered aedges of proper patches are important too - less likely to lead to lumps in the tyre when inflated.

    Having said that I expect the tube patch could be made to work if you can be bothered to carefully sand both tube and patch and apply an even and thin layer of glue to both. Still not as good as a patch though, and they can be bought in bulk for about a few pence each if you really use a lot of them.
    I\'m sure I had one of those here somewhere