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Following on from my clothing post, ive been looking at getting some SPDs and have settles on the M520s as they get good reviews and are a good value pedal (available at SJS Cycles for £16)

Ive looked around and theres a lot of choice and I dont really know what Im looking for. Obviously is has to be comfortable to ride in and only I can know that with my feet but do I go for something which looks like a race shoe with the 3 velcro straps or do I go for a more casual looking shoe? What do I look out for when choosing SPD shoes?


  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    Simple answer is comfort. Take a trip to an LBS (or even a few) and try a few on to see which feel best.

    Another thing to consider is whether you think you need to be able to walk anywhere in them too?
  • there is always something like this ... elID=31535

    shimano shoes tend to be a bit tight so worth going a size up,

    those are in the middle so will have benefits over the std shoes with being stiffer soled for more power delivery but not as stiff as the race side so you'll be able to walk okay in them! and i think they look cool too!

    if you dont fancy the race shoe style then there are these type of shoe ... elID=18376

    i had a pair similar but cannondale ones, Very comfortable but found with the spd's my foot moved around a bit too much, but thay can be used with or without spd's which is why i got mine (normal trainers made my toes go numb when peddling!),

    if you can then a local bike shop that has a good range is a good place to start as you may find one company fits better than the other etc, and most will price match now adays too,
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    If you want a rugged look with some grip on the shoes then I highly recommend the Shimano MT41's.
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