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brakes any good ???

brad1995brad1995 Posts: 114
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hi i am getting some new brakes and i was woundering what type of riding are these brakes for and are they any good ???


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    apparently so: ... rake-31092

    they look more expensive too (not that it matters)
  • that looks good especially for the price but what difference will the caliper make or is it just one of them things that wants to be different

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  • SmackMyPitchUp!SmackMyPitchUp! Posts: 133
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    They do look very nice, but I'd still go named for fear of not getting parts. Though happy to be proved wrong if parts are easy to come by.

    When the dollar was low against the pound I got a full F&R set of Hayes Stroker TRAIL for £110 inc delivery from Hong Kong. Some online stores in the UK do them for about 140 inc delivery which is still a great price, but most stores do them for 200 at least.
  • i'd like to order stuff from the US cos its normally cheaper cos the dollars lower than the pound but you can never be sure wether it'll arrive broken or even wether it'll arrive at all

    Yukon Lad
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  • That's the thing, now that the pound is weaker and the dollar stronger than before, it no longer makes any sense to buy from the States. When it was 2 dollars to the pound (most of this year) I bought all kinds of goodies from HK and the US, and none of them attracted any VAT by customs, yet all were legally declared. I guess they don't stop everything. Now that the dollar is strong again aganist the pound, it makes no sense to buy from the States, because when you factor in the poor exchange and the liklihood of UK customs levying 15% plus admin, you'll end up paying about the same.

    Next year bike prices will likely be higher because of this, despite and thanks to the bank engineered recession. Banks lend money they do not have!

    is not lost however! At least we get Hope and Shimano cheaper than our fat Atlantic cousins.
  • davreedavree Posts: 93
    You can get Hayes Stroker Trail brakes from Merlin for £104 a wheel!! I guessing it would be worth the xtra just incase parts are scarce!!

    I have a set on my Stinky and they are fantastic!!
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  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    I believe Quad are distributed by Raleigh so it shouldn't be too hard to get parts.

    The brakes are probably best for XC/trail unless you get them with bigger rotors. They're good, and very cheap.
  • Set of Juicy 5's for £121 at Merlin

    Set of Stroker Trails (Graphite) for £125 at Merlin

    Set of Hayes Stroker Carbon for £135 at Merlin

    I know they're over your £100 budget but they're some bloody good brakes there for an extra £20-£35!
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