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De Marchi Contour Evo Bib Shorts

johnbirkby46213johnbirkby46213 Posts: 399
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I really like these. So I thought that I'd buy a second pair. The shop that sold them to me no longer stocks De Marchi. :( Google returns very few hits (3) if the title is enclosed in " s. So do any of you know who the importers are, or do you know of shops that sell Contour Evos with an online section?
When i asked why they no longer stocked them the answer was, "well they are nearly as expensive as Assos". The whole point was they WERE NOT as expensive as Assos yet they are supremely comfortable. Maybe the mark-up on Assos is better, who knows :?
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  • I got some from Keswick bikes last year... They don't get them anymore but I'm sure they still have some on the rack in their road shop.

    Call Eugene or Alistair on 01768 75052.
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  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Why not just get Assos mate? Miles better than De Marchi I would have thought. Only had one pair of De Marchis bib tights and I don't use them anymore. They went all tight and horrible on me.
  • fluff.fluff. Posts: 771
    Looks like they didn't make many of these shorts, you can get the cheaper Contour Plus easily enough ... ctID=15758 , but the Evo seem to have vanished. The only place I could see selling was some American outdoorsy shop with them at $250, with import duty and VAT you would be talking 2 x Assos money.
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