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Bike insurance advice, please.

wilwilwilwil Posts: 374
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I'm in the process of home insurance renewal and I've found a good deal at Tesco but they won't insure bikes over £1000.00. Can anybody recommend a specialist bike insurer so that I could perhaps insure the bikes separately?


  • TheStoneTheStone Posts: 2,291
    Signed up with M&S Insurance yesterday. If you include the 'away from home' option it includes anything upto 4k.

    I rang them to double check this includes bikes and they said yes, so they're insuring my 3.5k bike for an extra 40 odd quid!! Insurance cost was otherwise similar to my previous policy with Direct Line.

    Would be intrested to see if anyone has tried to claim?
  • +1 of M&S insurance. I've not needed to make a claim though.
  • hugo15hugo15 Posts: 1,101
    I have made a claim through M&S insurance, though it was not bike related...... managed to drill through a central heating pipe :oops: . They couldn't raise one of their own emergency plumbers (why do these things happen at 6pm on a Sunday evening??) so told me to just find someone local and they would sort it out. From then on they did a good job getting the damage fixed. The policy is actually provided by Norwich Union and it is NU who handle the claims.
  • Worth noting that M&S only do building and contents insurance together. My buildings insurance is covered by my service charge, therefore i only needed contents insurance and M&S wouldn't do that. Mine is through Barclays and i pay a little extra to get the bikes covered up to £2000 each (including away from home). I have also had to make claims for stolen bikes on 2 occasions and both times they were excellent, replacing "old for new". The first time the bike stolen was bought 2nd hand only a couple of months previously, but they paid out for the full amount of what the bike would have cost brand new :D
  • The M&S insurance does seem to be excellent value.

    I've had a bike + contents policy with Endsleigh for the past 3 years, but now I've got a second bike worth £2500, Endsleigh wouldn't cover it as their limit is a grand per bike.

    So I went for the M&S Insurance and ditched Endsleigh because with M&S you pay another ~£115 and that covers all bikes (worldwide) outside the home. I just got off the phone with the bloke from M&S and he confirmed this. Mine is a contents policy only (no buildings insurance)
  • NuggsNuggs Posts: 1,804
    +another for M&S
  • wilwilwilwil Posts: 374
    Just checked out M+S and its over £200.00 more than Bank of Scotland although I like their relaxed attitude towards bikes.
  • spadeyspadey Posts: 54
    likewise an M&S quote for me came in at £350 ish whereas Key Connect have sorted me out for £116, will need to add the bike on extra though and not sure what that is going to come in at. If it is more than £100 then will go with the British Cycling Recommendation.
  • lightbulblightbulb Posts: 111
    butterworth insurance recommended by CTC. Very good
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