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Happy New year I am shished has it started???

FilliganFilligan Posts: 72
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Been out earlier today to leisure lakes at preston... stock was abysmal!!!

Does anyone on here own a Cuble Ltd or Cube elite???

What does it ride like??

Have not been visiting here or reading up for ages so am out of the circle right now, what are the reviewers thoughts on the cube bikes??

Being a tart I like their Bling is all!!!

Cheers guys pass the nachos



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    A 'cuble' LOL, I wouln't do any riding in your state, how many you had?!
  • Dunno it all started last Monday
  • I just want something different to what all the hoodies are riding round here Lancashire/merseyside... thought about a hybrid as it won't really go up or down many hills and sometimes there'll be about 2 or 3 miles of tarmac BUT those green and Black cubes are way sexy!!!

    Might nip up to winstanleys??? in Wigan and see if he has any...

    *EDIT* they have none in stock *EDIT*
  • I like Cube bikes I have had a shot of a few MTB Cubes and I like them. They have a very good spec to £ ratio and come in an array of very nice paint jobs. I first noticed them at the bike expo at London Excel in 2006 and was impressed by their stand. They do receive very good reviews in general. I do own a Cube Agree road bike
    which has been an absolutely excellent ride. I was very impressed with the finish of the bike and I doubt I would stray from Cubes for road riding for a long time.

    Chainreaction do them:
  • cubes are alright, i test rode one of their hardtails thinking to buy it and it was good, most have a good spec. as well and are well regarded by magazines and independent testers.

    Back to the original topic yep. most bike shops are starting to wind down before new year (which is understandable cos most people did their christmas shopping already and most are away) and waiting for newstock to arrive or for the right time to put it on their shelves so stock, especially bikes is a bit scarce but the large superstores like CRC put in a wharehouse and ad it on the web and then sell it over the internet, try ringing them to see if they have it in before going

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