Didi the Devil

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For anyone who wondered what Didi was up to as he seemed to be shut out of the Le Tour TV coverage, it looks like he's been working for the Beeb as a Santa -



  • afx237vi
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    It really is him!
  • claudb
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    Maybe he's building and promoting Reindeer Sleighs instead of Bikes now, or was there a recent Tour of Lapland ???
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    I dont know if its a case of him being "shut out" of the Tour coverage, or a case of him just not being there. I saw Didi at the Worlds and got a shot or two of him (see my flickr images at the link below), but the guy didnt look as well as in the past.

    I didnt see him at the Tour de Suisse this year either - a usual race for him. I remember meeting him many times last year and he was in top form, but this year he wasnt around, and as I say when he was, he was rather subdued.
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    He was definitely at the tour. I've noticed little pitchforks painted on the road just before he appears. Maybe the directors notice them too and decide to cut away?
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  • At the worlds this year i decided not to walk 4miles back to hotel and back in again after the U/23 race. Instead i decided to hang on in town and head in a dept store to pick up a fresh t-shirt n sweatshirt for the cool evening. So after making my purchase on 5th floor I was on my way down the escalator and who was on the may up to mens dept in full kit (including his pitch fork) ... yip the devil ... totally surreal moment!!
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    I believe it is coz he is sponsored these days that the TV has lost interest.
  • I saw him once or twice on the mountain stages, brief mention during Eurosport's coverage.
    He's a bit "Old hat" these days.
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    I saw him once or twice on the mountain stages, brief mention during Eurosport's coverage.
    He's a bit "Old hat" these days.

    Its a bit worrying that the TV channels are not paying so much attention to the side shows - i hope i can get the limelight i need at the TdF in 09 in my fake EPO syringe suit so as to help Lance with his publicity efforts...
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    Didi was about at the tour, I saw him riding down AdH laying flat on his bike with legs akimbo in full Devil regalia and sandles.
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    I went past him on the Col d'Aspin on this years tour and he had his van parked on the tourmalet near the waterfall on the following day as well.

    His van is all sponsored now so he's probably not of as much interest now.