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keithc440keithc440 Posts: 277
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I live on the West Lancs / Merseyside border and after one hairy ride out to Ormskirk yesterday I think I will be having to stay off the bike to this cold snap disappears. Roads were not clear of frost at all where the sun hadn't shined. Not pleasent. How are others finding conditions where you are ?


  • currently sitting at the computer looking out the window waiting for the frost to clear from the close. Our street is north facing so it gives me a good idea of what the lanes are going to be like. It only takes one small patch of ice to bring you down, and dont really fancy a broken hip.
    Looks like it might be an afternoon in the forset on the mountain bike, or an hour in the kitchen on the turbo.
  • Been rubbish round here, be warned though i had not been out for over a week and then cycled to work yesterday and couldnt make it up the 2 hills without stopping for a rest :shock:
    Not sure if this could be down to the gallons of alcohol i consumed over christmas though, but was quite annoying and frustrating.
  • On the fylde its not too clever on the lanes though the main roads are okay. Looks like the turbo today - yawn it's so boring!!
  • Barrie_GBarrie_G Posts: 479
    It's quite nice if a little cold here in South East Northumberland, went out for a quick 10 mile blast this morning around 9, and all the roads, cycle paths, were dry and frost free there was the odd damp patch of road here and there from a couple of showers we had yesterday but that was about it :D
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    It's about 3 degrees here I think, don't look icy so I think am gonna go do about 25 miles, need to go to cycle shop to hand in my shifters anyway, cant be icy.
  • fluff.fluff. Posts: 771
    Took almost all day till the frost went, and like yesterday is still patches of frost / ice at the side of the road. Might have to dig the turbo out this week :/
  • sicrowsicrow Posts: 791
    Frost not cleared here on the edge of the Cheshire Derbyshire border so i'm on the turbo later and probable for the rest of the week :(
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Went out for 4 hours today around the Surrey Hills and there were a couple of spots where run-off had frozen into sheet ice - particularly on the north-facing slopes. Worst was the Coldharbour Road up Leith Hill from Dorking - the initial pitch was glazed-over and I had to scoot up the right side of the road. I was descending quite cautiously too as didn't know what to expect what was around each corners. Luckily, no mishaps but a couple of fogies in their cars had a good shot a trying to take me out!
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • did'nt venture out in the end. do'nt think the roads were too bad but i seem to be lacking abit of motivation. been off the bike for a week now, i said i would only have 3 days off.
    Just been staying looking at all the shiny bits and bobs i got for christmas and that i brought in butlers sale
  • Still icy and slippy round here till late afternoon. Not risking it since an ice induced fall a few weeks back and Im frustrated as hell!!!
  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    also on the fylde here - I went out and while the roads were mostly free from frost - they had that winter "perma-wet" look and felt very greasy and slippery - not the best conditions.

    I went out on my singlespeed (langster) for a short blast around the town but it wasn't the conditions for it and a couple of little slides before I gave up and headed home.

    turbo is in the garage but it just isn;t the same :-(
  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    Bit dodgy here too.....roads still frosted in late afternoon !!
  • BMCCbryBMCCbry Posts: 153
    Hmmm, sounds like we've been lucky in Oxfordshire. Been on club rides yesterday and today and roads were pretty dry and not much sign of ice. Will try not to be complacent though! :?
  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    No problems nth of manchester. Out with the fixed bikes and we went up to Clitheroe to the famous sausage shop. A round trip of just under 50 miles and a ride time of just over 3 hrs on a 70" gear. No frost, but clear and v.cold esp. around Whalley and Accrington. And a couple of kilos of sausage and cheese in the rack trunks on the way back :P . :P
  • ChrisLSChrisLS Posts: 2,749
    ...cold and dry round here, East Herts, but some run off on the lanes...taking it easy..
    ...all the way...'til the wheels fall off and burn...
  • penugentpenugent Posts: 913
    Very cold, but dry in NI.

    I did an enjoyable 40 miler today and saw the first lambs in the fields - is Spring in the air??
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