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I have a Dawes Giro 300 2007 model road bike, which is currently set up with Shimano Sora STI 7 speed. I want to upgrade my wheels, nothing too fancy just a decent set of wheels, i had the Miche Race Clincher in mind. It doesn't specify what cassette the wheels are adaptable with on wiggle, as my Dawes has a 7 speed cassette, would it fit straight on or would i need an 8 speed cassette? How easy are cassettes to remove and install?

Any info would be greatly received


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    You will obviously need the Shimano version rather than the Campagnolo version, and if you fit this before the cassette, your 7 speed cassette will work fine.
  • Thats Great, thank you very much
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    Just wondering but are you sure that your Dawes isn't using a screw-on 7-speed freewheel rather than a cassette? If it is you'll also need to get a 7-speed cassette for your new wheels.
    How easy are cassettes to remove and install?

    Easy if you have the tools.

    Cheers, Alien8
  • Good question, i honestly dont have a clue, is the difference easy to spot?
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    Good question, i honestly dont have a clue, is the difference easy to spot?

    I suspect you might be running a 14-28 freewheel which looks something like this http://www.cyclesuk.com/268-448137? This is (was) standard for the 7-speed Giro. It just means you can't reuse it on a freehub.

    The good news is that with a new 7-speed cassette you'll get a better choice of ratios if you find 14-28 a bit wide or the 14 not a big enough gear.

    Cheers, Alien8
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    If it's only a couple of years old I'd imagine it to be a cassette rather than a freewheel.
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  • I think freewheels are still used on a lot of the budget bikes. My winter bike certainly uses a freewheel, and it's only a year old.

    According to this http://www.cycletoworknow.com/cart/deta ... nformation The 2008 Dawes Giro 300 uses the HG37 freewheel.

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