Visible clothing - does it have to be yellow?

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I want a lightweight windproof/waterproof jacket for winter commuting.

Maximum visibility seems sensible.

I would like to avoid yellow just to be a bit different.

Are there any other bright colours which are just as visible as yellow?




  • nielsamd
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    I think high viz yellow is common for a reason. I recall a U.S. magazine article (Popular Science I think) when I was a kid, experimenting with colours and that flourescent yellow was the best for cutting through mist and fog.
  • cougie
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    From riding on Sundays - you can spot fluo yellow jackets absolutely miles away.

    Rail workers seem to favour bright orange though - but I dont think theres many of those available.

    What you could always do is get whatever jacket you fancy - whatever colour and then just buy a cheap fluo gilet to be worn over the top. Repeated washing fades the fluo colours I find, so a couple of cheap ones may be a better value option. I think JJB were doing them for £8 or so ?
  • cpeachey
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    I use an Orange jacket. It does get noticed. 8) Bright pink is good too. :shock:
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    Fluorescent pink used to be popular for winter gear - very visible, but a bit girly for some.
  • Monty Dog
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    In poor light the fluorescent colours are OK, but reflectives are far more noticeable under light. Wear reflective bands on your ankles - far more noticeable that what colour of top you're wearing. Likewise, keep your rear light flashing too,
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