Beone Team Edition opinions please?

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Bro in market for new bike and thought this looks good deal.
ANy one have experience or opinions or even alternatives?


  • Seems a good deal for 1600 and light! Never ridden one though!

    Nice wheels!
  • Monty Dog
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    Check out Planet-X too - for similar money you could get carbon wheels. Whilst the DT wheels look nice, they're fairly hefty at 1800g plus a pair
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    I nearly got one of these at the full list price at the beginning of the season and I thought they were good value then. The only reason I didn't get one was that I decided to build my own bike.
  • I own a Beone 8) I can highly recommend this brand to anyone. The build & finish of the frame is spot on, and the choice of componentry is usually very good. Beone is the sister company to Batavus who have been making bikes in Holland since 1904.

    You won't regret it at that price, I assure you :wink:

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    62cm size has now dropped further in price. Down from £1600 to £1440.
    Very tempting but still at the top end of my price bracket. Not much user opinion to go on aswell.

    Decisions, decisions ..... :?

    edit: stock level must have only been 1, and someone has bought it. Who was it ? :twisted:

    Decision made on that one I suppose ......