Seat on a Carrera Subway 2.

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I have recently bought a carrera Subway 2 hybrid bike from Halfords and so far cannot fault it apart from one thing. I have just upgraded the tyres for new slick ones along with some bar ends and pedal clips, which have all made a large improvement to my average MPH. However, I am not too pleased with the bike is the seat...after a few hours on the saddle I find that my wedding tackle is starting to feel a bit squashed!!! :?

Any suggestions on upgrade seats that will suit this bike? or are all seats like this and its something I must grin and bear?

Has anyone else got one of these bikes and can sympathise?
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    without knowing more about your riding position and set up, it will probably be difficult for anyone to comment. Trouble is, saddle choice is a uniquely personal decision - so what might be an ideal saddle for someone, might be pure torture for someone else. Get round a few bikeshops and park your ar5e on a few of the display bikes and see if you like the feel of any of the saddles. It might also be worth getting some advice on riding position, be be sure that the saddle is set correclly...