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Taking The Piss.............

cheeheecheehee Posts: 427
edited December 2008 in MTB general
Recently someone on this forum posted that they needed a new stem. I had the stem they were looking for, taken from my new bike. I didn't need it so, I PM'd this forum member and asked them if they wanted it - free of charge. I only wanted the P&P covering.

Forum member says 'yes please' and will get the cash out to me.............

I've since PM'd the member to ask if they got it OK, and I've not heard a peep back and they have been online, so it's not as if they haven't checked their PM's.

I know the stem has been delivered as I posted it recorded.

I have not recieved the money for a P&P, I have not even received a thankyou!!!!

I'm not bothered about the money. For me it's the principle, I thought I could help someone out and a bit of grattitude wouldn't go amiss.

So Sheepsteeth have a Merry Christmas

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