Cannot make up my mind hybrid or HT mountain bike please hel

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Hey guys I will be getting a new bike in Feb/March it will be mostly used on the flat and through some fireroads farmtracks and the woods (if I don't get shot by a gamekeeper)
some tarmac though to get home again along a 3 mile seawall

so waddya reckon?? HT I fancy a cube

or a canno0ndale badboy or similar??




  • johnsav
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    HT gets my vote!
  • i would get an ordinary rigid mountain bike or a hybrid as long as is not one of the ugly ones. No need for suspension for the kind of riding you describe. it would just add weight and maintenance costs
  • supersonic
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    Nice light XC bike ;-). More versatile, will handle better if you plan to ride some XC tracks, and usually better value.

    Boardman Pro?
  • I had the same problem Finnegan.
    I ended up buying both a decent hardtail and a commuter. in the end I ended up selling the commuter and kept the hardtail. I find that MTB can be adapted for any riding just by changing the tyres,hence they are sometimes called ATB.
  • jayson
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    Without question buy a HT mtb. U can fit some nice thin slick tires on it and ur good to commute on the road or wherever else u want to go but then when the weekend rolls around u can put some knobbly tires on it and ur good for a day in the mud and bumps, this will definitely not be possible with a hybrid bike.