Track Bike Sizing.

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im looking at buying a dolan track champion bike, but am a little unsure as to which size.

i ride a 56cm road bike, which has a 55.7cm top tube. now the 56cm dolan has a 55.8cm top tube, and the 54cm has a 55.1cm top tube.

im thinking i would prob be best with the 54cm frame, as i hear you should be more compact on a track bike?

any thoughts are great, thanks.
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  • Monty Dog
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    Generally accepted practise is that a track bike is slightly smaller than your road bike
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  • Eddy S
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    If by "compact" you mean shorter riding position, you can achieve that desired position by using a shorter stem but the rest shouldn't be too far away from your (comfortable) road position.

    Don’t just look at top tube length in isolation. Don’t forget that every size of Track Champ has a different head tube length - the head tube is 20mm shorter on the 54. This is great if you want to occasionally achieve a lo-pro position. People get smaller frames if they have to double up for pursuit duty.

    Getting the smaller frame is fine if you can still achieve that correct bar height/position so you might have to think about riser stems or running a stack of spacers.
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  • steve23
    steve23 Posts: 2,202
    cheers for that. i am tempted by the smaller size, a lower position should be a bonus IMO for the track! i am not planning on buying another bike just to get a low pro position.
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