Best front light?

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I need a new light for use when commuting and off-road stuff. Can anyone recommend one?

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  • I'm chuffed with my recent NiteRider purchase ... 360031092/

    I only use them on road, but I think on full beam (you can have them on "dipped" beam for a longer run time) they'd be good enough for off roading - will last over two hours on full beam
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    Supergoose wrote:
    I need a new light for use when commuting and off-road stuff. Can anyone recommend one?


    Try this one
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    I appreciate your input chaps, but Im not that flush! :lol:

    I should have said budget £100 maybe a tad more
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    I've just bought one of these and it's flippin' excellent. It's er, .................................. brilliant :D ... RACK%3dDDI
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    Have a good look at wiggle anyway, they're doing 20% off on certain front lights at the mo...

    I've got a Cateye Single Shot EL610 Plus, its good for town work and unlit country lanes at night, but theres been plenty of threads on here about the brackets breaking which makes me paranoid about mine...
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    I bought the p7 two-mode from deal extreme, 900 Lumens it is brilliant, have also two fenix lights and the P7 IS JUST AWESOME. Ademort
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    It's hard to argue against P7 torches, personally I went for the Ay-Up road kit (£150), plenty of light for on-road but you'd need a helmet mount light for off-road (which is basically what the Ay-Up MTB kit is but that's £250). The 6 hour battery life, good customer service, waterproofness and well thought out packaging won it for me.
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    I appreciate the feedback.

    I am really looking for a dedicated front light system rather than having to buy/ fabricate mounts for torches etc.

    I was reading some reviews for lights last night, there's loads of them!
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  • I've got one of these - brilliant. It shows up reflective street signs over 200 yards away - in the daylight. Cars pull over when its on flash mode as they think its a police car coming. It comes with a helmet fitting which is better for off road.

    You can also get a version with a smaller battery which goes on the bars - the bigger version has a behind bottle cage fitting. ... elID=21612
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    Yeah, thats the kind of thing Im after 8)
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    Supergoose - its ridiculously easy to mount. Far better than the 'proper' bike torches with their additional extra back packs.

    Get the lockblock and there ya go - about 10 seconds. Compact more versatile and a lot cheaper. ... annel_page