How much to buy a used Litespeed.

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Hi There, what sort of price should i expect to get for a 2007 Litspeed Ultimate
with Campag Chorus Groupset 2006. Deda Bars & Stem. Flight Saddle..Wheels are not for sale. Having been away from Racing for 6 years. i decided to treat myself.but i hardly ride the bike + my Steel Colnago Master rides and Feels better than the Litespeed.


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    The resale value might be affected if it has an integrated headset. There have been several reports on this forum of Litespeed's breaking at the headtube because of the integrated design, which is why they have taken the decision to revert to traditional headsets. I suspect that many people aware of this fault would not take the chance of buying a second hand model without the back up of the warranty, or will reduce their offer accrodingly.
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    It`s a Traditional Headset. Cane Creek it came with the frame. and i still have the
    receipt were i bought it and how much. ..i cant justify a bike like this lying dormant in the cupboard :lol:
  • Hi there.

    Knowing nothing about the bike itself... I'd go for the usual guestimate of a little more than half of what you'd pay for it new from your local bike shop...

    ...which is probably less than you'd hope for. Not a great time, or time of year to be selling expensive road bikes though. You might get a better price if you wait till spring.

    Cheers, Andy
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    Agreed - work at around 50-60% of what you paid - try looking and seeing what similar spec bikes are going for on ebay and in magazine classifieds. Condition and size also has a bearing on price - higher price bikes also have higher depreciation - many people over-estimate the value - it's only worth what someone's prepared to pay for it.
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