Vento + GP 4 season + velow rim tape = impossible?

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Ok, I've become accustomed to dealing with Continental tyres and campagnolo rims - my skin seems to grow back quicker than before, like my body is now anticipating the trial. But recently, the original rim tape from my ventos began to crack, so I ordered the de facto 'velox' tape from wiggle - the result is insane. Extraordinarily difficult to get the tyres on now - presumably the slightly thicker material of the velox has pushed the rims to breaking point - so any suggestions on the right rim tape to use for ventos?


  • andrew_s
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    Continental rim tape is the thinnest I've come across.

    I needed it to get an undersized GP4S on a spare wheel for stretching, after failing miserably to get it on the velox-taped wheel I'd got the old GP4S off. It was cheap in the sale basket of the LBS, so I reckon someone had returned it after being unable to fit it.