Are SPD pedals differnt for road/MTB

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My dad seems to think that road spds are differnt to MTB ones but i didn't think they were, thought they were all the same

obviously there are probably ones more focused on road but i thought that at the end of the day they had the same purpose


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    SPDs = SPDs

    But the Shimano road system are SPD-SL (a bit like the look cleats)
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    But a lot of road cyclists like me use spds because the shoes are easier to walk around in
  • Yes , spd's = spd's . But Shimano muddied the idea when they introduced the spd-sl for road racers ( if I recall aright wasn't it Lance's idea ? ) which is related to the original spd by acronym only and are more akin to the Look system .

    MTB spd users generally use a double sided pedal step in , and roadies can use a single sided pedal , but their choice is limited to a couple of manufacturers - so far as I know ( I use a single sided Ritchey) .

    I like the spd and use them on my road excursions . There is a very satisfying metallic 'click' when engaging the pedal and you know 'you're in' . MTB Sidi shoes allow me the beauty and function of top racing quality uppers and sole whilst allowing me to walk around without waddling . A big plus .
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  • I've been reading that Time cleats (roadies) are designed for walking in - is this correct, as I'm likely to be replacing my current shoes & peds (SPDs) in the New Year.
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  • SPDs are geared towards mountain biking - check out Bike radar section on spd pedals and it will state are for MTBing. You can use the SPDs for road/hybrid bikes too though because the cleats are recessed so you can walk around instead of waddiling around like a duck with Look pedals/shoes.

    Look pedals are for road bikes.

    Shimano do do a SPD-SL pedal though which are for road bikes.

    Richlong28 you are right and your dad is wrong.
  • If only I had a pound for every time that one of my customers mixes up SPD and SPD-SL pedals. :lol:

    :idea: Shimano should have called it something else. Half the people think that the road pedals are just a Super Light version of the MTB ones.