Bike Bag for Madone 5.2 and van to France

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My Madone will be travelling in a support van to France next summer and I want a bike bag that will not break the bank and fit the 08 5.2 ok.

I have read that the unusual seat ste / post etc means that not all bags would fit?

Any recs at all that will protect the bike and the carbon for me without spending several hundred quid on a hard case please and fit the Madone ok?


  • JesseD
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    Planet x bike bag and lots of pipe lagging, I paid £50 for mine

    I had a 56cm 5.2pro and if you take the bars off and the seat mast then wrap the whole thing in pipe lagging and add some bubble wrap you'll be fine.

    Also another good trick is to go to your LBS and get an old cardboard bike box and line the bike bag with it, also remember to get some fork and seat stay protectors, the LBS should have these as when bikes are delivered to them to be assembled they have the plastic spacer in them.
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