Why isn't there a "My Bikeradar"?

RocketRob Posts: 5
I'm just a newbie and was wondering why isn't there a "My Bikeradar" to complement the "My Bikely" I like this when I improve a route and want to delete the old one?

Also, will Bikely.com always exist?


  • As you may be aware we are integrating bikely.com into BikeRadar. When this work is completed if you go to www.bikely.com you will automatically be redirected to the appropriate page on BikeRadar.

    Not sure what you mean by "My BikeRadar" but if you wish to supply more details we can certainly look into it.
  • "My Bikely" is one of the selections (Reviews, My Bikely, Create Route, Share etc) from the top Bikely Toolbar. It allows you to hide routes under construction and to delete or edit routes. It is your library for all your contributions. It should be continued on bikeradar.
  • In the migration of Bikely into BikeRadar the "My Bikely" feature has been included and is called "My Routes".
  • Thanks!

    Glad to here it. I assume it's a feature to come as I don't see it on the bikeradar home webpage.
  • Yes this feature will appear when we launch the integration. This is scheduled for January.
  • Thanks!