wiggle and wheel weights

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Over on weight weenies forum there's an ongoing complaint that the manufacturers tell big fat whoppers about the weight of their kit - so a 210g set of bars when put on the scales turns out to be 260g, etc, etc.

Looks like wiggle has decided to tell the truth - have a look at some of the weights they're quoting on wheelsets. For examples, we have a pair of carbon shimano dura ace wheels http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/Cycle/7/Shima ... 360033078/

often quoted at around 1400g. But no, wiggle have opened the pandoras box -

Top Features of the Shimano Dura Ace 7850 50mm Carbon Clincher Wheel Set

* 7.41kg

yes :) thats seven and half kilo's for a pair of £800 wheels :D

Or maybe sir would like to go a bit lighter and get some r-syncs at a mere 3.4kg??? http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/Cycle/7/Mavic ... 360033704/

Top Features of the Mavic R-Sys SSC Wheel Set

* 3.24kg

Mind your back when the parcel arrives...

My personal favourite is the new Lightweights. Now some have suggested that over three grand for a set of wheels is just plain ridiculous. But I'm sure you'll agree that given they weigh absolutley nothing, 3k's is a steal,,,,

Top Features of the Lightweight Obermayer III Tubular Wheelset

* 0.00kg

I guess someone will point it out to them, but it makes a change from the implausibly low weights that are usually quoted