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I am considering a custom built frame to replace my stock Lemond Buenos Aires. Serotta steel Coeur d'Acier is the one I'm looking at. I like the ride of my steel/carbon Lemond and the classic look of steel tubes. However the Serotta seems to be about twice the price of for example a frame from a UK builder - who presumably can also source the same tubesets from Columbus or whomever.
Does anybody have experience of custom builds either from Serotta or UK framebuilders? I am in London so Roberts of Croydon would be a possibility. Cyclefit for Serottas does seem to be very involved, 3 hours taking measurements then testing for flexibility etc. Are the others as thorough?
Any advice welcomed.


  • Monty Dog
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    Unless you have a specific biomechanical problem and you want to pay the hefty premium for a Serotta, then go ahead. You could always get a bike fit done by Cyclefit and then take your dimensions to the likes of Roberts.
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  • It's worth a comprehensive fitting - Cyclefit or Barry at Bespoke Cycling in Clerkenwell - if you're getting a custom frame. Serottas will be pricier than usual because of the weak pound too but I'd definitely be looking at Roberts or Bob Jackson in Leeds. You can check out Bob Jacksons work at Brick Lane Cycles. The UK builders are just as competent and could do you something nice in Spirit, 853 or 953. Any of the options could be a disappointment if the sizing is wrong.
  • i would defo do what monty says get a cyclefit done and then go to a uk frame builder.
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    As the owner of 4 Serottas one of them being a Couer d'Acier I have to say I'm biased. I've spent a lot of money on bikes and when I got my first one I understood why people get them.

    Parlee make a great bike and Viner. Billato a steel one and you could look at Sacha White,I-F or Richard Sachs. Have a look at the Mosquito Bikes w/site. Cyclefit currently have a sale on and you may find a good buy in their 'Glider' range which are steel Serottas or their Serotta sale frames. Yes, Cyclefit are expensive but they strive to get you the bike that fits and don't mind if you don't buy a bike from them
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    Why not rely on the bike builder's fitting.
    I thoroughly recommend Paul Hewitt in Leyland. If you do a search on this site, you will find many, many positive comments about his bike fitting skills. I have just ordered my second custom frame from him. I've gone for Columbus Life, although I could have gone for Spirit if I'd wanted that. All custom frames are built in house. His bike fitting is thorough and the product of many year's of experience.
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    I had a bike fitting done a couple months ago with Paul Hewitt, and can't recommend him highly enough. Adjusted my current bike which now feels so much better. Nickwill is correct; he is very thorough. I will be going back to him when a new bike beckons.
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    Our Roberts tandem is perfect. Make sure the frame-builder knows exactly what you want. Put anything important in writing. Delivery times can be optomistic! See artical on Roberts in latest "CYCLE" (CTC mag.
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