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The large chainring on my R700 chainset (ie effectively a Shimano Ultegra Compact chainset with 50/34 teeth) wore out really quickly. I have swapped it for a TA chainring with the same number of teeth -- the TA chainrings are better value and supposedly last a lot longer. However, I now find that when I'm using the granny ring, the smallest four rear sprockets are not useable -- the chain rubs badly on the inside of the new large chainring when I'm in these ratios.

Comparing the shimano chainring that I took off, with the new TA chainring, I can see that the shimano chainring is tapered towards the outside, meaning there is more space for the cahin to run next to it on the granny ring: so the rubbing prob;em is aopided/

Are there fixes to this problem? In days of old one would have used a BB with an extra 2mm in axle length -- of course this is not possivle with Hollowtech II. I've thought about putting spacer washers between the new chinring and the crank spider -- but that could just provide a gap into which the chain will fall and jam.

I really don't want to go back to SHimano chainrings, 'cause they wear out too quickly.


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    You can put a spacer behind the drive side BB cup. The one used behind a single speed, fixed cog or screw-on cassette will fit. It will afect chain line though. Washer behind the ring would probably be better. The TA ring has probably closed the gap up anyway.
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    Seem to remember a club mate cursing shimano for the same reason, He said TA were not compatable because they were not dished like the Shimano ones.

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