Do some road bikes have 26" wheels?

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I know some very small frames do but how about on a 56 cm frame? Is it easy to get tyres for them?


  • If they fit 650c tyres, which I think they do, you shouldn't have too many problems. If it's commuter bike, should be OK there as well.
  • I am 180cm tall and need a 56-57cm frame... I really prefer 650c wheels to 700c for various reasons... zero toe overlap for a start, even when doing tight u-turns. Lighter wheels requiring fewer spokes.

    I don't know of many modern LARGE bikes with 650c wheels & standard road geometry. Most current 650c bikes are triathlon bikes and they do feel quite different... Of course, going to 650c is really beneficial for smaller riders under 5'6", so yes you can get a standard road bike with smaller wheels in the S and XS sizes.

    Contrary to popular belief, tyres are still easy enough to get.

    Do a search for Kestrel 500 SCI. They pop up on ebay every few weeks and are now dirt cheap for what they are (a true monocoque carbon frame). I own a Kestrel EMS, also made with 650 wheels. Check my signature below for pics. :wink:

    Oh and I wouldn't advise fitting 650c wheels on a frame designed for 700c, because you'll lower the ground clearance. You'll also have trouble getting rim brakes to work without resorting to long reach calipers. It might be possible with disc brakes, but then 99% of road bikes don't come with disc brakes either...