Anyone got any of the Lewiskit Socks & Gloves?

Stevo C
Stevo C Posts: 132
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I was going to go for the merino socks, but am tempted by the glove and sock pack ... cts_id=164

I'm sure I've seen others mention them on here and was wondering if they're any good. How are the gloves on a bike? Can you wear the gloves together - inner & outer?





  • boondog
    boondog Posts: 205
    I wear the black gloves on their own, and they keep my fingers nice and warm. Not sure if they're waterproof, but they were a good investment.

    For socks I've gone thermal, for some reason my feet feel colder (large vents :D )
  • cougie
    cougie Posts: 22,512
    I have the Lewiskit Merino Padley socks for the winter - great to ride in and love having a warm pair to put on after I've finished. Not used the gloves though.