Panaracer Pasela Tourguards Vs Conti Gatorskins

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Hi folks,

I've always used the Panaracers at 700x25 and liked them a lot perfomance wise. BUT. I think the all-black Gatorskins would look better on my bike (pure tartery I know :oops:).

SO. Any views on the Gatorskins from anyone who uses them? How do they compare to the Panaracers in terms of toughness, grip and rolling resistance?

NB. 90% of my riding consists of my daily commute - approx 16 miles a day in all weathers, including some fairly rough road surfaces so puncture resistance and reliability are a must.

In general my Panaracers seem to last about six months (3 on the back, 3 on the front) before the tread wears down enough for me to want to change them. Could I expect the same from the contis?


  • Monty Dog
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    Don't bother, the last thing Gatorskins are are tough. If you want something tough look at a Schwalbe Marathon or a Specialized Armadillo or perhaps a Bonty Hardcase. Please search for previous posts on Gatorskins - it's been covered countless times
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  • Gator Skins are the worst tyres I've ever used.
    I used GP4000 in the race season and thought 'they're contis...they can't be too bad'

    How wrong I was.
    An utter utter waste of money.
    Puncture protection is near non existent.
  • careful
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    Nothing like tyres for provoking opposite views! Personally I've done about 10,000 miles on Gatorskins without any cuts or punctures. On one occasion my front tyre picked up a twig covered in long thorns after hedge trimming on a country lane. It must have gone round a dozen revs before I managed to pull it out. Amazingly - no puncture. Very low rolling resistance too (in my opinion). Conversely I found Specialised Armadillo were rubbish. I had to bin two of them after a couple of hundred miles when the treads separated from the kevlar. I guess it is subjective based on experience. I saw a Forum poll recently though and I think Gatorskins came out tops.
  • mrushton
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    i have to say that the gatorskins I've used have outlasted my much-vaunted Krylions. Botrager racelite hardcase are I think a better tyre. The Paselas are a tough, comfortable tyre, but when they reach the end of their life you'll know about it as the puncture like mad. Good longevity tho'
  • Yes, it's strange how different people have totally different experiences with the same tyres. I've used gators during the winter for the last 4 years and never punctured. Maybe it's down to different riding styles. I'm not a racer so I probably don't make the same demands on my tyres whilst out training as others very fast cornering etc.
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    Hi, no experience of Gatorskins but I was using Panaracer Paselas until recently, they were certainly light and tough and great at resisting punctures.
    However i fancied a change so went for Conti GP4000s, nice looking tyres, all black with big silver logos. I find them more comfortable than the old Paselas as they have a much thicker rubber layer and feel very different to ride.
    Definitely recommend them :D
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