Front Mech advice needed please

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Hi there,

My gears were not shifting on the front chain ring and a bike shop I went to has identified that the spring is broken in my Front Mech and I will need a new one. I have a Dawes Audax bike and I think the Front Mech is a Shimano Tiagra.

The bike is only 2 years old and has done about 3,000 miles. I have not crashed nor has the bike even fallen over, so I am unsure how this spring has broken. I am therefore wondering whether to do a like for like replacement or get a better or more sturdy make of Front Mech, but if so I'm not sure what would be suitable for my bike.

Any advice would be appreciated.



  • alfablue
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    I reckon this is just an unlucky break! Never had a front mech break in all my years. Tiagra should be fine, but they are fairly cheap so you could get a 105 or Ultegra - though benefits would be extremely marginal IMHO.
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    alfablue wrote:
    - though benefits would be extremely marginal IMHO.

    Going upto 105 or Ultegra will make it pounds lighter, your wallet not the bike :lol:
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    In fact I've just noticed that the bracket attached to the frame says 'Shimano Tiagra' on it, but the actual Front Mech only shows the word 'Speed' and nothing else. Looking at examples on the web I reckon it should show 'Shimano Tiagra' on the Front Mech as well, so maybe it is a cheaper one that is one the bike, and that is why it is faulty.