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Planning on flying to Nice in February to escape the British winter for a weekend and get in some serious hills. My ancient USPS bikebag has finally given up the ghost after a beasting on the Eurostar over the summer (it outlived the team by a considerable margin though... hmmm).

I was always apprehensive of its lack of padding and protection, however, so i'm looking for a new padded bikebag, on wheels if poss, with around £100 as my top budget.

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    Pinnacle aka Evans bag? Planet-X sometimes have theirs reduced and there is the Polaris bike-pod
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    Its not padded, but I'd recommend the groundeffect Tardis ( It packs into a very maneagable size. Personally, i prefer unpadded, because I think its better to use bubblewrap and pipe insulation to wrap up the bike, you can either re-use it if you have somewhere to store it, or just buy/scavange more on the return trip (the Tardis is a bit over a kg in weight and packs down tight so its easy enough to bring with you as you travel.

    The semi-disposable CTC bags are also a bargain and (arguably) safer than regular bags as they ensure handlers can see clearly its a bike they are dealing with.
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    I've got a Planet-X / On-One bag which was dirt cheap (well, it is pink!) and does the job perfectly. It doesn't have wheels but the straps make it easy enough to carry. It has two large pockets for your wheels and extra pockets for bits and pieces (tools, etc).
  • I have a st johns street cycles bag, padded with padded wheel bags. it's done the job for the last 7 years and continues to do so...
  • I use a pinnacle/evans which is pretty good - survived various developing world domestic flights along with the virgins and ba's. The zip is a bit fragile though.

    I'd suggest you want:

    - bit of padding (although I slice up a cardboard box and stick that inside the bag too...)
    - seperate wheel bags are nice
    - roller wheels are a necessity - by the time you pack all your crap (dirty washing? in with the bike, etc) and have another bag as luggage, you really want to be able to wheel your bike bag around
    - some kind of pockets are handy for the 15mm spanner and scissors to cut tie-wraps

    I'd also guess that evans, cycle surgery, etc all get their bags from the same people, just printed up in different colours...