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Claud Butler Cape Wrath D24

Shakes1987Shakes1987 Posts: 21
edited November 2008 in MTB buying advice
Hey all, I recently tried a Claud Butler Cape Wrath D24 at my LBS and really like it, i tried the 20" sized bike and thought it had a great ride, I didn't pull the trigger because i don't have the money just yet but I was wondering if people know much about these bikes? are they as good as I thought? Are they very mod-able or reliable?

EDIT: another q is tahts i tried the 09 version (afaik) is there much difference between it and the '08, ive seen the 08 at a much cheaper price online is all..

thanks in advance!


  • I've had a quick look but can't find a 2009 by "google-ing" so I'm not sure if the 2009s are out yet. As for the 2008 bike, I can find it for £280 which looks decent enough value to me. The fact that you've already tried one and like it points even more to a solid choice. My advice would be to go for it.
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  • maybe the one i tried was an 08 model, gonna pull the trigger on monday i think..
  • I started out on a Claud Bulter Rock and it stayed with me for many happy years, they make great bikes to get you into this wonderful world of spending thousands, so be warned.

    If I could have my time over again I'd still start off with the Claud Bulter. I fact I've still got the head set bolt from my Claud Bulter on one of my On*Ones which I call Claud (sad I know) :oops:
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