jockey wheels

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when should i replace the rear jockey wheels on my road bike they have done about 4 thousand miles


  • John.T
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    When they are worn out. They will get play in the bearings and the edges of the teeth will be worn. The gears will start to change less cleanly, probably show a reluctance to change to the smaller cogs. As I said in my post on your chain thread you can not say when to change things on mileage as so many things affect wear rates. You just have to keep an eye on things and use your judgment. With jockey wheels they will have to get very bad before they will actually let you down but the performance will have dropped off. Experience is the best guide but you will only get this over time.
  • alfablue
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    I would say when they break, or when they won't run smoothly. I have only ever replaced one in 15 years after it lost a tooth somehow. Still worked fine though.