New Cross Bike and no where to go!

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I recently bought a cross bike to save my summer ride the commute. Reading the article in cycling plus has made me want to get on some trails over the weekend. I Live in Derby City, but I don't want to fear the wrath of farmers by cross countrying over their Land, anyone know of desiganted trails in this area.



  • Just trespass on their land, with your new CX bike and mad CX fence hopping skills they'll never catch you :lol:

    not that i'd ever advocate trespass
  • alfablue
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    You have a "right to roam" but I don't know if cycling counts as roaming. This web site provides more info, plus you can search for maps in your locality where you can roam.
  • You can always use OS maps to locate any bridle paths around your area, then create your own routes by using a combination of paths and road sections. Alternatively you can find a various routes on
    2 Wheels or not 2 wheels..That is not in question.
  • I'd second the idea of using OS maps to locate bridleways and then linking them up with road sections. Most of the bridleways should be signposted as such - they can be a bit muddy, especially if they are used by horses.