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OK so I'm still after a workstand of some sort. Looked at the Ultimate range and of course Park. The PRS-15 'professional race stand' is £299 retail which of course is expensive, (can get it for £240 some places) but would it save me money by lasting years instead of getting something with an inferior clamp and not lasting as long?

Usage wise, I wanted to start maintaining my own bikes and possibly building up my 'dream bike' next year. ... m=PRS%2D15

Does anyone own this model and what do they think of it?


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    Edinburgh BC are doing a stand at half-price.
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    got a link please?
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  • If you are serious about your workstand, the kestrel ones are far and away the best. But they are very expensive....
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    Yes I am serious about getting a decent one, but what I'm saying is it worth investing in a good one, or will that only last as long as a cheap one?
  • I know of kestrel stands lasting 30 years...

    the park ones are well made and should last, but i'd be concerned about the amount of plastic used.
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    willbevan wrote:
    got a link please? ... 136c003544

    It's the Revolution tune-up stand
  • If you are serious about your workstand, the kestrel ones are far and away the best. But they are very expensive....

    We have four in the workshop and I have one of my own. They just can't be bettered and are superior to all others. Buy and forget.
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    Have you considered the PRS-20?

    It's quite a bit cheaper (£150ish) but excellent for carbon frames (it clamps to the forks). It holds things very steady and is a joy to work with.

    It's used by a number of pro teams.
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    I picked up a Park PRS3-OS for £120 on ebay. It weighs about 100 lbs with the base and is very sturdy. It's far superior to even the Park consumer stands but still no match for a Kestrel, ease of clamping excepted. The problem with kestrel stands is people hold on to them and they are very expensive new - i just couldn't justify it.
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    or search on their site for ultimate pro if he link doesnt work

    ..its for anyone in the Netherlands (Den Haag) or can get shipping. Just bought one...its 95% same as the red one selling these days for 200UK - just an older model. Just built a couple of bike on it...the shxt bar taping was my fault not that of the stand ;)
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    I looked at the Ultimate range and to me they weren't as stable or solid as the Park. I had my heart settled on a Pro Elite but was put off.
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    For me with (err why??) 7 bikes between Mrs and I (Mtn XC, road, commute) its fine. Not bike shop standards Im sure but does the job. Mind you with my hangover today Im about to dump the most recent rebuild at the amount of quality stand could persuade me otherwise :)